Accountability Coaching & Mentorship Program with Tiffany Green
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Accountability Coaching & Mentorship Program with Tiffany Green

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This course is for all entrepreneurs and anyone who is ready to take their passion and turn it into a career!

Multi-business entrepreneur Tiffany Green will take you into her life and share her tips, time blocking, and systems for success, while helping you set your goals. Through Tiffany’s coaching, she will hold you personally accountable for reaching both minor and major milestones that are needed to reach success, and assist you with developing that game plan.

Cost: $1,200

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“This mentorship has changed me and my business in a way that I couldn’t have imagined. Tiffany not only gave me all of the tools needed to move to the next level but she taught me how to apply them on a daily basis. She doesn’t hold any of her knowledge back, she gave me everything! Within the first week I did more for my business than I had done in the last 6 months. She holds you accountable and pushes you to produce results. In the weeks following after completing my course she still checks in and sends me things that will continue to push me forward. This was an investment that will keep on giving!
Thank you Tiffany!”
–Britney Smith

"When I first started my career I knew I wanted to have the education the skill set a strong clientele and make my lots of money.  I knew I wanted to be like Tiffany.  

Starting my journey was a hard and confusing.   I knew I where i wanted  to go but I wasn’t sure how to get there.  Tiffany mentoring me it was one of the best things that happened my amazing career. 

I learned it so much from Tiffany . She’s taught me styling, coloring techniques and The most important one starting and running a business.  With the mentoring she has given me and continues to give me I see my business grow."

– Miguel F.


“I am extremely grateful for the coaching sessions I had with Tiffany, which I found to be so beneficial. The work we did was profound and provided me with much needed clarity for my life goals . I especially appreciated Tiffany’s  warm, engaging, and compassionate approach."

–Andrea R.


My coaching sessions with Tiffany are a catalyst for real change in my life, with results that are undeniable. Tiffany’s  guidance and perception are huge in providing the focus and clarity to define what my intentions are, to set them, and move towards them. The speed at which they begin to come to me are nothing less than astonishing. Working with her has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself and I recommend working with her completely.”

– Leslie M. 


"As a mentee with Tiffany, I was able to spend a day in her salon suite. I learned how and why she formulates color for her clients! She shared info about how she runs her business and puts her clients first. I was able to see an awesome example of how to work with an awesome assistant who compliments your business and cares just as much for her clients as she does! I was fortunate to learn Tiffany’s blowout technique where I was able to blow dry an entire head of hair and style it in under 30 minutes! The information I learned from Tiffany has helped me to improve my business in several ways.  I learned how to service my clients quickly, efficiently, professionally, and with kindness!! I believe Tiffany is a true example of how I want to operate my business and be loved by my clients. She has a desire to help and empower others to be their best self, and I truly felt this when working with her. She also still connects with me and answers questions when I have them. I would highly recommend this mentoring opportunity to others."

–Yakeea L.


"Tiffany’s four week program has helped me build my business tremendously. Throughout the four weeks I learned how to market myself better and even received business cards. The days I spent shadowing Tiffany in LA I learned a lot of tips and tricks from hair coloring techniques to how to have a successful consultation with clients. Overall it was a great learning experience, not only did I learn how to better my business and creative skills but I also learned how to better myself as a person. My confidence in what I do has improved and I can push myself out of my comfort zone more thanks to Tiff."

–Valerie B.


Having Tiffany as a mentor was absolutely amazing!! She pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me better because of it. I felt like I was talking to my accountability coach but also my friend. Because of her I am on a clear path to success.

–Sarah B.


“I’m so happy I made the decision to take Tiffany’s 4 week accountability coaching session! I was nervous to sign up for something like this because it’s not something I’d normally ever do. After one FaceTime consultation with Tiff (which she does complimentary!) I felt so comfortable with her right away. Literally spilled my guts within the first ten minutes of our phone call. Lol! I gained so much from this course because Tiffany listens and pays attention to the things you tell her and comes up with personalized lessons that she knows will benefit you long term! I loved working with her so much. She’s so supportive, not only for the four weeks, but still keeps in contact when the course is finished!”

— Jasmine S.


“What can I say about Tiffany? SO many good things. Her 4 week mentoring course has not only pushed me out of my comfort zone (in a positive way) but she has definitely been someone that has also instilled confidence in my craft and my business. I have never done anything like this before and so I didn’t know what to expect. Tiffany was everything I needed during quarantine to help me through the slump. I was not moving forward and I honestly needed the push and didn’t know how or what to do to move forward. She’s a breath of fresh air and absolutely amazing. She’s a genuine soul who truly cares about people and you can sense this just by how she interacts with her clients (and on her IG!). I absolutely recommend her course 110%!!!”

— Khristine T.


"My four week coaching prgaram with Tiffany was a worth while investment! I’ve learned so much about myself and strategies to implement in my business. Ive learned how to not only grow but maintain a successful business! On top of everything I learned, I gained an amazing mentor/friend. Tiffany is so supportive even after the four week program. Tiffany continues to check in on me and keep me focused on my goals! Investing in Tiffany will help you accelerate your business and personal growth!"

— Korinthia